Want Loyalty? Get a Dog or Change Up Your Brand Story!

Every business wants to have a stable and growing group of customers/members.  Yet, customers/members by nature are fickle because all are social animals. And, as a group, we like to talk about the next newest thing that we have done or purchased. Once someone tells us of their new purchase or activity, we begin to weigh it in terms of our own likes and dislikes to see if we should change to the new thing or not.

In the social media space, it is even more difficult to determine if being on Facebook or Twitter have real value in building relationships to enhance the image of a brand. From a mention in a blog post by Six Pixel’s Mitch Joel, he cited a report by ExactTarget.com, “Fifty-five percent of Facebook users have liked a company and then decided they no longer wanted to see its posts. In addition, 51% say they rarely or never visit a brand once they have liked it. A full 71% of fans say they have become more selective about what brands they like.”

So what does this have to do with loyalty? To stay relevant in the minds of customers/members, a brand story must continue to be told but in different ways. Because customer/member attention and loyalty is a moving target, you have to pay attention to keeping the brand message alive and if front of them all the time!

How do you tell your brand story to keep it relevant?

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