7 Key Questions for Your Tune-up

Reinventing-Personal-BrandThe strategic planning process is all about making sure you organization has a well-defined path to thrive and grow.  Here are some questions that we have used to start the process of understanding where our clients may have gaps and what strengths you have to build upon:

  1. What is your competitive advantage for why a member/customer should do business with your organization?
  2. How do you compete in the marketplace for attracting members/customers?
  3. Where are the growth opportunities that you see?
  4. How much of a change are you willing to make?
  5. Are you organized to support your competitive advantage with the branding, marketing budget and marketing channels?
  6. Do you feel comfortable with how much you know about your members and their relationship with your organization?
  7. Do you know what your members/prospective members need and if your products/services are a good match?

One of the key things that can be gained from this exercise is to understand what market research may be needed to best answer some of the questions. In addition, the discussion around these questions will help to ensure that marketing strategies will be more focused to achieve results.

If you want to a partner to facilitate your strategic planning session, or to review and enhance your strategic marketing plan, contact us at 7solutions@lemmontree.com or call us at 480.967.1405 or toll free at 888.536.6243.

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