Branding As a Relevant Financial Partner to Younger Generation

10584524_lAs a marketer or manager responsible for the marketing of your organization, it is critical to understand what options you may have in communicating brand to attract younger generations in this fractured time for financial institutions. Here are three things to consider to be more successful:

  1. To attract young adults, keep in front of parents, the younger Boomers and Gen X. Because younger adults turn to parents for advice, understanding that they are comfortable using online services, you have to offer easy technology to attract them. The numbers do not lie, and when we did a review of several clients’ databases of young adults ages 18-30 for determining when they originally joined, on average over 25% joined as children. Rather, their parents had opened accounts for them and the young adults continued with the membership.  Make sure the older adults in your membership are encouraging the young Millennials to start their financial relationship with your organization.
  2. Find your authentic voice that young adults can relate to online, over the phone and in the branch. There is so much content online that it can be easy to get lost in all the other brand voices. Key is to develop the identity of being approachable and having financial answers that are easy to understand. Bring in some young adults to do a focus group and ask them to identify their favorite aspects of your organization and those things that turn them off. Messaging developed from their responses will gain that authentic voice that will cut through the competitive clutter.
  3. Circle back around when holding events or contests in social media. Talk about the results of your contests in social media. Have contests to capture email addresses for business development and attend community events where people see your brand in action.  If you have 100 people sign up for a contest at a community event that you mentioned on social media, report back on the winner and the 100 sign-ups that all thought your organization was interesting.  So often, social media posts about an event or grand opening may have photos of the staff or board who attended but fail to connect with the accounts opened or people who came to celebrate. This is social proof that your organization is worth knowing about!

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