Making Your Personal Brand Relevant

2017-10-Tips-BBecause technology and social trends are changing almost daily, it is important to review your Success Network to see how it can help you be more relevant. Here are some key tips to consider:

  1. How many of your contacts are in the generation below yours? For example, if you are a Gen X, check your success network contacts for Millennials or individuals at least 10 years younger. As humans, we have a tendency to stay in our comfort zone which includes our age group. You cannot stay relevant if you do not surround yourself with people who have a different perspective on technology and trends. While older Millennials may complain about younger Millennials, it is even more important for Boomers and Gen X to include Millennials in their network to gain insights that may be missed by hanging with their own age coworkers.
  2. Is your Personal Portfolio up to date and showing new successes in current roles or projects? The concept of showing success online in social media, digital advertising or other online media gives you more relevancy than showing the print work or older campaigns that date you. And, yes, a Personal Portfolio, especially one in a PDF format or link to an online video that can be sent to prospective employers, is a great way to tailor your experience to the opportunity.
  3. Are you attending meetings, events and trade association events that are out of your usual expertise? Often the best ideas come when you are learning something new. Also, being surrounded by new people, pick out the youngest to meet and ask what they do, why they are attending the event/meeting. It will offer you an opportunity to gain new contacts for your Success Network and the ability to get refreshing new perspectives.

If you want to know more about structuring your Success Network and Personal Portfolio, check out our workbook, Almost Famous 2.0: How to Market Yourself for Success. Another resource is the webinar series “About You, Inc. – Success Tips to Manage Your Career” through Credit Union Marketing University.

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