Positioning for the Future

18300068_xxlThings continue to change, in the economy, in technology and even socially, with the continued increase in social media. You have to take charge of your career success in a manageable way. One is to do a personal marketing audit each year. It is easy to spend a short amount of time assessing how well your personal marketing is helping achieve your vision of success.

Here are a few starters:

  • Have you done a personal SWOT analysis in the last six months, one where you uncovered your own Strengths and Weaknesses as well as identified Opportunities and Threats?
  • If new technologies are described on the horizon that may impact your current job responsibilities, how quickly can you react, get up to speed, or acquire the new skills?
  • Are you well organized to gather, generate, and act on new ideas?
  • What are potential employers in your industry looking for with respect to expertise, skill set and education that insure your employability and ability to move/be promoted? What areas do you need improvement?
  • How are you determining the effectiveness of your own self-promotion? If employed, are you getting copies of all performance evaluations?
  • How often are you revisiting your strategy and planning to make sure you are achieving the results that keep you on the path to your vision?

Are you continuing to review and revise your self-promotion tools as well as make sure there is adequate money to keep updating them?

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