Questions to Help You Achieve a Goal in 2018

If you have a goal like travel, additional education, starting a side business, taking lessons, or other idea for next year, it is likely to require some funds!  So, here are some questions to make sure you set the framework for easily achieving it:

  • How does this goal fit into your personal vision of your future success?
  • For this new goal, will you be able to easily save/spend dollars out of your current budget or will it require a savings plan?
  • What will you gain from achieving the goal in terms of additional money, awards, education, and/or pure joy?
  • What will you need in terms of stepping closer to your vision of success such as money, time, and/or other people?
  • How long does it normally take someone else you have known to achieve the same or a similar goal?

Goal setting only works if you are truly committed because your patience could be tested and you could have setbacks.  After thinking through your answers from the questions above, here are some goal-setting guidelines:

  • Write the goal in terms of desired results or outcomes
  • Set a specific time frame or deadline
  • Make sure the goal is realistic and obtainable
  • Determine if the goal is in alignment with your vision of personal success

Once written, test the goal by telling a friend to see if it is understandable and realistic.

If you want to know more about structuring your Success Network and Personal Portfolio, check out our workbook, Almost Famous 2.0: How to Market Yourself for Success. Another resource is the webinar series “About You, Inc. – Success Tips to Manage Your Career” through Credit Union Marketing University.

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