Give Thanks for Making It Through 2010

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Nicolette Lemmon, President & Founder

For the last year, every week when I went to visit my mother in her memory care facility, the treat was to have lunch at the Quiznos down the street. I got to know the owner and often had brief discussions about the business environment and how he lost a lot of business from a mortgage company going bust that had employed 500 people in the office complex near his store. Each time he had a long line of customers, I’d ask if he was getting busier, and he would shrug.

Pulling up recently for my weekly visit for the Sammy and Salad combo, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Sign up, “Closed.” Other customers were pulling up and reading the sign, shaking their heads. 

 This same story is being repeated across the economy and makes it more important to give thanks if you still have a good job, family income, and a home.  

It is also important for marketers, creating plans and messages for 2011.  We have to be aware that so many changes in the American economy have changed the psyche of all consumers. All of us have to be upbeat but compassionate to the financial concerns of many.  And, to be positive in our messaging while offering tools to help consumers make better decisions.

For now, I’m starting with giving thanks every day through Thanksgiving that I have a business that is doing well, providing 13 employees with a reason to give thanks, too.

What are you thankful for in 2010?

Check out my free Marketing Tips from November for ideas of how to deal with the consumer psyche and your own.

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