Is Twitter Pointless Babble?

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Nicolette Lemmon, President & Founder

Last year, when the hype for Twitter was heightened by the likes of Ashton Kutcher going for a million followers, and the social media gurus were all posturing around the virtues of the microblog phenom, I started to tweet. My thought was that the value would start to appear more clearly.

Then, I noticed it was hard to come up with something valuable to post and even harder to keep up with the thousands that were popping up in my Hootsuite columns.  Then, about August I began to notice something. The posts from many people I had been following began disappearing. When I checked few, the last post had been more than a month old.

In a post by Linda Lindsey, Creative Director, Brightree LLC, on the 60 Second Marketer blog, she cited a San Antonio based market research firm that analyzed

2,000 tweets and deemed 41%, “pointless babble.” Then, she went on to note that recently, Sysomos, a maker of social media analysis tools released their study of what happened to 1.2 billion tweets studied over a two-month period. Here is what she reported they found:

  • 71% of all tweets produce no reaction
  • Only 6% of all tweets produce a retweet  
  • 85% of tweets that actually receive a reply, receive only one; and
  • Only 1.53% of conversations are three levels deep

It has seemed that the B2C companies who use Twitter for couponing or announcing specials have found some value.  However, the B2B world has been struggling to find a reason for this microblog tool.

Because my time is in demand for actual business projects, I basically have “gone dark.” Yet I still get followers – even had someone start to follow me yesterday yet I haven’t “tweeted” in weeks. What’s that about?

Have you found value in Twitter to enhance your company and/or improve leads and sales?

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