Adwords and SEO – Getting Down to Specifics

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Nicolette Lemmon, President & Founder

If you are addicted to using Google search as I am, you probably noticed a new level of service.

When looking for an answer, a product, a service or some resources, you probably noticed a difference. Now, there is a longer list of possible search items that drops down under the search box as you type.  Essentially, for the spelling or time challenged person, you have a list of possible matches of what you are looking for right in clicking distance!

This has cured typos, those typos that companies have been willing to pay a lot of money to pop up with an ad.  So, has Google cannibalized its own selling of advertising (Adwords) by providing this new refined search solution?

In addition, why would you need Adwords if the organic search is getting even more specific? Instead, the value of SEO is enhanced.  If you take care in having clear meta tags, headlines, and other descriptions that are easy for the spiders to log, your site will come up high in the organic search.  

So, the use of Adwords will shift and become more competitive to exact matches. It still comes down to the focus on key SEO in two areas:

On-page SEO

  • Meta tags, Title tags, URLs
  • Headline tags, Alternate tags
  • Site speed, Site Map, Internal Linking
  • Content
  • Blog

Off-page SEO

  • Inbound links
  • Social media

 As a best practice, keywords should be built directly into the URLs to help your search engine rankings.

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