Two Tips on Being a Wealth Warrior

Recently, I was fortunate to hear Steve Chandler, author and master coach, talk about the foundation for creating a wealth mindset rather than one of lack of wealth.  Here are a couple of “take-aways:”

  • There is power in words that we say to ourselves. Consider the difference between saying, “What can I get out of this experience?” versus “How can I get through this experience?” Steve made the point of how we have the choice to be the Owner or the Victim and it starts with how we talk to ourselves.
  • Often people think that it’s who you know that’s how you get ahead. Steve says that is the wrong approach to wealth. He believes it’s really all about what you do and how you serve. In essence “doing the work” is more important than networking and creating contacts!

Want to read more? Steve’s digital version book is available by clicking here to Amazon:

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