Marketing Mistake #1 of 3: Don’t Assume a Holiday Slow Down

When the Christmas items start to appear in the retail stores, it is easy to assume that the 4th Quarter will slow down because consumers will be more focused on holiday purchases and not the everyday things that will help achieve those annual goals.

Never assume!  With the changes in the economy, we have also seen changes in consumer spending and disruptions across all kinds of consumer and service industry segments.

Make your marketing sparkle like a shiny object to attract consumer attention with contests, special offers, and helpful services to grab the business of those customers/members who are still looking to buy.

  • Fitness equipment for holiday binges can be financed with a special holiday loan!
  • Picking a random winner as the “nth ” customer/member and pay the bill up to a certain amount
  • Offer concierge service – someone to deliver papers, products or gifts to home or office to make it easier to get things done during the holiday pus 

What else can you think of that will help your brand stand out and be a “fun” resource during the stressful holidays and snag business?

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