Marketing Mistake #2 of 3: Email is Dead

With the rise of social media use over the last four years, the have been many comments about the impact of the viability of email to grab a customer’s or member’s attention.  However, according to research on the Marketo Blog, 94% of Americans, 12 years or older who are active online say they use email regularly. In addition, 77% of consumers reported that they prefer to receive permission-based marketing communication through email, also the preferred channel for Millennials:

Yet, email marketing is evolving and marketers can gain more of the consumer’s mindshare with the following key elements:

  • Trustworthiness – to ensure that the e-marketing honors the trust the customer/member has placed in your brand by providing an email address, things like offering the unsubscribe have to work perfectly!
  • Conversational  – be engaging by talking to the reader, not just using campaign rhetoric.
  • Relevant – make sure to target groups within your list with subjects that fit their needs or interests
  • Coordinated across channels – links to the website, contact information by email or phone, as well as having front-line staff aware of the e-marketing being sent out to ensure everyone can answer questions and better serve when contacted.

Avoid the mistake of thinking that the email marketing channel is not valuable. Instead, recognize the opportunity to connect and engage with your customer/member who usually checks email first thing in the morning and regularly all day long. If you make it more strategic by using content that is relevant, engaging and allows for other communication channels to build on it, you’ll increase your leads and revenue through the holiday season!

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