Showing Your Results with a Personal Portfolio

portfolioIf an opportunity presented itself to you today, are you ready to showcase yourself? How do you currently present your accomplishments in your career? Having an updated resume is a good start yet the best tool for talking easily about your successes is a Personal Portfolio.

Why a Personal Portfolio?  Three key reasons to create one, both physical and online:

  1. The personal portfolio is a great tool to use during an interview, enabling the interviewer to see your work and background. The portfolio gives you a way to guide the conversation within the interview by turning pages and providing additional information about each page.
  2. You can also use a PDF, attached with your resume, when emailing a response to an opportunity. If you have your own website, it can house your portfolio and you can simply use a link.
  3. If you leave the physical portfolio behind, guess what? It gives you an opportunity to call the interviewer to retrieve the portfolio, putting you and your name in front of the interviewer once again. And, if you have sent your online portfolio, you can email the recipient to ask about any questions about it.

Every interviewer wants to know if you’re capable of getting results. To give yourself the edge over your competition, use your Personal Portfolio filled with 8 key items.

If you want to know the key items to have in your Personal Portfolio, want to get more tips and insights, download my workbook, Almost Famous 2.0: How to Market Yourself for Success.  It is full of ways to help you jumpstart your career goals and focus on building the career of your dreams. It’s over 100 pages of tools, tips and worksheets available for download on our website for $9.95!  Click here.

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