A Missing Link to Sealing the Deal


Let’s say you are happy with your website design and have all your applications online. You believe the navigation helps your website visitor to find their way. Your copy is interesting and updated. And, you have carefully linked an e-card to a landing page to be even more helpful.

But wait, when the person comes to your site, looks around and leaves, what then?

A missing link is a retargeting pixel and digital ad campaign to remind the visitor that they were interested and to come back for another look!  It is an incredibly inexpensive way to keep your credit union in front of someone who was interested enough to click through to your site.

If you have an active digital ad campaign to generate leads or not, the benefit of having the retargeting ad is that your visitor is reminded about your brand, special offer, great rates or other benefit.  It is never annoying if the offers in your retargeting ads offer something of benefit to a person.

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