Marketing Mistake #3 of 3: People Know to Recommend Me

Looking for a new opportunity? Need a new job? Want to try freelancing?

That’s great. Now get the word out!

Basically, who knows about what you can do and that you might be a perfect match?  They only do if you let your Support Network know your talents, skills, experience, education and desires. The one thing that has always been obvious in my work with people revising their resumes or helping them start to promote themselves is how willing others are to help!

Years ago, I was approached by a young man after my workshop on Almost Famous – How to Market yourself or Success.  He asked if I would help market him and he had a dream.  It was to work for Ford or GM in Detroit. He was graduating from college in six months and lived in Phoenix. 

Guess what I said? You got it…of course I would!  It was the challenge of helping someone with a big dream without any expectations for myself.  People really do enjoy helping others when they hear a dream or goal.

Oh, did we do it?  Yes, and he went on to get several promotions in a quicker time than I would have expected.  Want to learn more?  An excerpt from my book is here.

Marketing yourself is not about bragging or just being a self-promoter. It is about marketing YOU, the product.  You craft your brand as a great solution for the opening someone hears about, or the project that needs a consultant, or the volunteer opportunity that will connect you with a wider market.

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