Good read about how Generation Y will change your workplace

Learn how in Gen Y Now by Buddy Hobart & Herb Sendek

The subtitle of the book is How Generation & Changes Your Workplace and Why It Requires a New Leadership Style.  I was fortunate to hear Herb Sendek, Head Basketball Coach at ArizonaStateUniversity talk about the key myths that surround this young generation and how he has adapted his leadership style to get the most out of working with young adults.

From Coach Sendek, “I think now players evaluate leadership, and part of that evaluation includes comparing how they’re treated relative to others.  I truly believe Gen Y is extremely fair, but also sensitive to how you interact with others.  They evaluate your leadership and they want to make sure you’re giving everybody equal time. And the right amount.  Not just equal…but the right amount.”

More interesting perceptions of the young generation will give you pause to think of your own leadership and communication style in the workplace.

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