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Some of the best email marketing that I have seen comes from Motley Fool, the investment guys. Now, this tip is about the message, not the e-marketing style! The graphic was eye-catching because it brought to light the many industries that have already been disrupted and the brands that were associated with them either disappeared or have tried to hang on to reposition their brands to meet the new consumers.

While this mentions those industries disrupted, there are still successful players who morphed their brand and have not disappeared.  It’s about looking at your business that you have invested your time and career into.  Isn’t it all about how can you reposition what you offer to better connect with today’s consumer?

With today’s jammed marketplace, to avoid being cast off like the industries above, here are the key things that need to be in place: 

  • Easy to do business with and access your products and services
  • Better service than your competitor or better price or better “feel good” experience
  • Used by Boomers and/or Gen Y, the biggest demographic groups  
  • Activity of using your product is frequent to keep you top of mind and a habit
  • A suite of products and services available to use online and mobile

 Strategize your marketing around the ability to repackage or rework your products and services to match these key things. Sometimes it takes bringing in a new set of eyes like my firm to better understand how you are positioned. To thrive in the midst of a huge disruption, let’s figure out what it will take for your organization to be more relevant and become a “habit” for this new customer/member.

Start here with these questions:

  • How easy is it to do business with your organization? At home, office or on the go?
  • What is it like as a comparison? As simple as…? Better service than…? Available like…?
  • Why would you move business to your organization if you were choosing again?
  • Who likes using your products/services and why? What age, sex, income level?
  • How often does someone use your products and services?
  • Do they access your products and services online and through mobile? If so, how often and are they easy to use channels?

Interested in strategizing what new product development will work for your organization, contact us at LemmonTree.

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