5 Ways to Trust Your Gut

AF-2.0-CoverThe best way to succeed in your career and personal life is to listen to your intuition. Some may say they get a “gut feeling” to describe when making a decision.  Here are 5 ways to recognize when you can likely trust your intuition:

  1. You have an “aha” moment that everything clicked with a clear recognition of being on the right track.
  2. Listen to your inner voice and train yourself to follow it like when it told you to check the document once more before hitting the send button and when you did, you found a typo?!
  3. When making a decision, consider what feels right on target and isn’t overly positive or negative, but more neutral.
  4. Keep clear on whether your feeling is fear or intuition, because both are felt as if “in the gut.” Intuition is neutral and about the present, but fear is anxiety over what might happen.
    Be in touch with feeling a bit uneasy about your decision, because you are likely stretching yourself to do something new which is good.

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