‘It’s a Game’ Sound Bite

photo_contestWhat should marketers do about the opportunities and challenges presented by competitors, changing demographics, and technologies that make getting marketing messages to customers/members more fragmented? The answer is to simply embrace it all. Instead of getting overwhelmed, flustered or paralyzed, which can easily happen in the complicated marketplace today, treat it like a game!

Have some fun and get customer/members engaging with your brand!  Here are some ideas:

  • Photo Contest – The easiest contest to put together is asking customers/members to enter their photo on a topic through a microsite, your website, Instagram or Facebook. Add a component of voting.
  • Video Contest – A call for videos on a topic may not bring as many entries as a photo contest, yet the contest can bring valuable video content to your site or be posted on your social media.
  • Caption Contests – If there is a great photo, post it and ask customers/members to submit their best caption
  • Submit Your Vote Contests – It can be easy to have a poll on your website or in social media. You can use the results of the poll in marketing messages or social media.
  • Sweepstakes – For a big campaign, a sweepstake (with appropriate disclosures) can offer all kinds of great opportunities for people to win, as well as lots of great marketing moments!

The best part of using a game or contest in your marketing?  It’s lighthearted and it can be lots of fun to award prizes!

If you want help setting up your next game, contest or sweeps, we’ve done all kinds of engaging versions that will stretch your marketing budget and you’ll have fun, too!  Contact us at 7solutions@lemmontree.com or call toll free at 1.888.536.6243.

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