‘It’s Who You Know’ Sound Bite

AF-2.0-CoverThe old adage, “It’s who you know,” is still alive and well today as a thought process to building a really good success network. The contacts in your Success Network will ultimately be the launching point for new opportunities, and better success in your career. So, here are the starting point if you can’t readily present a list of your own Success Network.

Your list should have:

  • Personal friends
  • Acquaintances
  • Co-Workers
  • Former Bosses
  • Former Co-Workers
  • Volunteers with You at Community Organizations
  • Professional Association Members
  • Supplier Representatives (who you’ve worked with at various companies)

Then, consider what your goal is for keeping in contact by email, phone, and personal meetup, as well as how often you keep up with each person. You might set a goal of once a quarter that you will do each of those activities.

Start today to make sure you have them in your Outlook or other contact management software (even as simple as in Excel)!

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