An Audit Is the Starting Point

survey-tuneupWhen is the last time your marketing machine was analyzed? Does your marketing “engine” need a tune-up? If you are counting on growing your bottom line, make sure you have a well-oiled marketing machine.

Having conducted Strategic Marketing Audits for many clients over the years, reviewing every aspect of marketing is important for all organizations to make strategic changes for next year’s plan.

Here are a few questions from the areas we analyze:

  1. Situational Analysis – What major developments or trends will create an opportunity or threat? What is your market share for the geographic area where you operate?  How many other competitors are in your same market and how strong are they in terms of size, customer base, and location(s)?
  2. Strategy – Has management articulated a clear marketing strategy for achieving its marketing objectives in a plan? Is the strategy convincing?  Is the strategy appropriate to the stage of the product life cycle, competitors’ strategies, and the state of the economy?
  3. Organization and Delivery Systems – Are the marketing activities optimally structured along functional, product, and customer/member segment lines? Is the organization structured to gather, generate, and screen new-product ideas?
  4. Image – What is the customers’/members’ knowledge and attitudes toward your organization’s and competitors’ product quality, features, styling, brand names, etc.?  What areas of product strategy need improvement?
  5. Physical Locations – How is everything from the staff to the promotional displays to the physical layout of your organization working in unison to strengthen the corporate brand image? Does that image work towards your corporate goals?

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