Questions to Assess Your E-marketing

email-on-ipadOne of the most important channels in today’s hectic world is e-marketing to your customer’s/member’s inbox. Perceived as an inexpensive way to market, often executives will question whether to only use it and stop other marketing channels that seemingly cost more.

Take a step back and ask yourself these questions to help you assess how you are doing with e-marketing. Here is a great way to assess your e-marketing as part of the entire mix:

Do you know the most effective mix of your e-marketing in concert with your direct mail, advertising and public relations efforts?

If you’re not sure, here is a way to test.

  • For your next promotion, send to three target groups.
  • The first group will receive direct mail only.
  • The second group will receive only an e-mail.
  • The third group should receive both a direct mail and an e-mail about the promotion.
  • Track results from each group to see which method generates more response.

Never assume that one marketing channel is doing the job, simply because consumers are constantly changing their behavior as technology changes. Tracking with analytics and data mining will help you uncover the right mix as you continuously tweak your marketing methods to produce results.

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