The Self Promotion Audit

questioning_personIf your ambition is to get promoted in your current work, take on a new challenge, find a new job, or start your own business, it is really important to know how your own personal marketing stacks up! Here are a few things to consider in doing a personal marketing audit taken from my book, Almost Famous: How to Market Yourself for Success. These questions uncover key information that is important for making the best decision about your career and having the marketing tools to ensure that you reach your personal vision.

  •  What changes in consumer values, lifestyles, and business work styles have a bearing on the growth of your current employer or industry? Will these impact opportunities in the future for the type of work you want to do?
  • To move forward in your profession/industry or to jump to a new challenge, to what extent will you need additional expertise, education or skills?
  • Can you position yourself to be more critical to an employer to prevent outsourcing which could eliminate your job?
  • What self-promotion do you have in place to support positioning yourself in the minds of a boss, prospective employer, or other key person to achieve your personal vision and goals?

These are starter questions — there are more than 30 questions in the full Personal Marketing Audit in the book. Yet, starting to think about how you are treating yourself as a business means making decisions about ‘you’ as the product. Using the audit method of assessing your current situation and what you need to move toward your personal vision and goals helps you critique yourself less emotionally.

The best thing is that you will immediately start to have ideas popping into your mind about what you can do to move yourself forward!

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