The Virtual Branch Audit

WCFCU_siteAre your website and online branch effective channels for building more business with your customers/members?

Consider doing an audit regularly to make sure you are keeping your marketing efforts working for you. We created a tool to help our clients understand how to migrate their website to be more effective and useful with a four–level audit!

The checklist includes 10 items that are “Informational & Useful,” 10 that are “More 24/7 Access,” 10 items that are “Robust & Convenient Virtual Branch,” and then 6 “Social Media Outlets.”

Here are a few items to consider:

  • How easy is your online loan application? Do you have instant decisions?
  • Do you offer easy online account opening or just a PDF of your forms?
  • Are there financial calculators and FAQs about how to use your products?
  • Is there a chat function and is it manned more than just during your business hours?

Time has a way of taking a toll on your website if it isn’t tuned up. The audit gives you a chance to consistently review your website and determine the ways to make it more effective!

Want to try the full audit?  Check out the easy to do form here.

Does your website have “good bones” and yet it needs updating?  Contact us at LemmonTree. We have a great web master, an affordable way for you to ensure compliance, protect your white-listed domains, and assist you in making sure to design, check and track results for your marketing success!

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