Standing Out

cover1Do you ever feel like it’s hard to stand out for new career moves, promotions, or starting/having a new business? Your next promotion, next career move, and next civic or charitable opportunity will almost always be influenced from someone in your Success Network. Rarely do people outside your own personal network recommend you unless they have spoken with someone who will be a reference for you.

How do you ensure the best results? Focus on your Success Network!

  1. Build it – In every new situation where you are meeting people within work environments, trade associations, volunteering, and other group gatherings, connect with people that you normally would not come into contact with and add them to your Success Network.
  2. Nurture it – Watch for ways to acknowledge birthdays, honors, awards, promotions, career moves and other important events for your Success Network contacts. Plus, update every time you do send an email or text, post on Facebook or send a card in the mail in your Outlook or other contact list. It is a great habit so you will be able to refer to it later to keep up with each contact without having to rely on your memory!
  3. Connect with it – When you have something exciting happen in your life, find a way to send a message out to your Success Network to let everyone know. If it’s a life event like a marriage, birth of a child, or a move, your network will be happy to hear. If it’s a career move, promotion or new educational level, the network will have a better perspective on your skills and knowledge base to think of you more readily if they hear of something that fits.

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