Make the Most of Engaging with E-Marketing

16547614_sIn these days of clutter in our inboxes, some C-Suite managers will say that there is too much junk — they never look at emails, so surely customers/members don’t either. There may be comments that no one opens email or clicks through. However, here are some stats that show you should be paying more attention to e-marketing:

  • 91% of consumers check their email at least once per day on their smartphone (Exact Target Mobile Behavior Report 2014)
  • 36% of respondents check email, social media and texts before doing anything else after they eat breakfast (Acxiom Digital Impact, 2013 Consumer Digital Study)
  • 77% prefer email channels for permission-based promotional messages, the highest across all age groups. (Exact Target 2012 Channel Preferences Survey)

Here are some key things to consider when trying to increase your open and click-thru rates from your e-marketing broadcasts!

  • Relevance in the Captivating Subject Line: Remember that the first 30-35 characters count the most.
  • Creative in Your Subject Line: Use your CU’s name or acronym plus ask a question, use a number, mention “how to”, or make it personal!
  • Get to the Point: Use the F format, where you put your most important headline offer in the first 30 characters, since some email clients cut off at 55 characters. Put the next most important piece of information under that, and then your additional copy.
  • Visual Element is Key: Always have a photo or graphic to draw the attention of the reader.
  • Check and Test: Create a test account at Yahoo and Hotmail to send your e-card to test how the format looks in different email client programs.

Making sure to make your e-marketing as relevant and well designed as possible will help it cut through the clutter.

Need a good e-marketing partner to make sure you are getting the most out of this important marketing channel?  Contact us at LemmonTree — we have a proprietary e-marketing system that is an affordable way for you to ensure compliance, protect white-listed domains and assist you in making sure to design, check and track results for your marketing success!

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