Self-Promotion – Are You In?

Are you a person who finds it hard to promote yourself because you think it is pushy and arrogant?  Do you get mad or disappointed when someone gets promoted over you because your hard work gets overlooked?

In the hyper competitive marketplace with a slower economic recovery than we would all like, it is more important than ever to make sure you focus on self-promotion.  There are some key pieces that are effective for anyone, regardless how shy or averse your may be to calling attention to your successes.

To help you, try my Self-Promotion Quiz from Almost Famous 2.0!   It’s important to see how effective you are at promoting yourself because it may mean the difference between a great career move or being passed by!

A lot of great tips are in my original workbook, Almost Famous: How to Market Yourself for Success! Recently LemmonTree moved offices and we found a copies that we’re selling at only $9.99 which includes shipping through USPS. Click here to order!

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