Today, It’s Digital First

Since so many of us are addicted to our phones and even young people are known to sleep with them, the marketer in me wanted to know more about how to still get marketing messages in front of those eyeballs!

My summer reading was Ctrl Alt Delete by Mitch Joel, and he says, “In its simplest form: A digital-first posture means that the first place your consumers go when making a business decision is to their computers, smartphones and or tablets.”

He also cautions, “Stop looking at your business as physical, web and mobile. It’s about consumers and the only thing that matters to consumers is the one screen that is in front of them.”

Here is what I got to thinking about for LemmonTree clients:

  • If people are shopping online and using mobile technology more, what is our ability to attract new customers/members to join online?
  • Is there a way to use an easy-to-use online microsite that is supported with a website fueled with good content, and what does this shift look like?
  • Can there be pages devoted to locations and the people who work in them to make the new customer/member feel more welcome?
  • What would a chat function or a “suggested next product/service” pop-up be more engaging?

As Joel says in his book, “Traditional media…help a brand gain attention, traction, and mindshare.  Digital channels – engage, connect, share and grow.” How does your marketing strategy for 2015 use both of these to expand your business?

We have a new program for adding online ads to your marketing strategy with tracking for determining an ROI.  Interested in getting into the online space in a way that gives you confidence in tracking your results? Contact us today at!

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