Setting Up Your Online – More than Social Media

In every human resource department, we know the staff is Googling their candidates to see what comes up online. Most often, the issue is to see what Facebook or Twitter feeds say about the candidate. Also, LinkedIn provides another good research tool to see how the candidate describes him/herself, past jobs, etc. There might also be articles where the candidate is quoted or is mentioned as a part of a trade association, board or other community involvement.

In my book, Almost Famous: How to Market Yourself for Success, my premise is that you are personally a business.  And, so, here’s a good question for you: Do you own your name as a domain name?

There are two ways to use a personal domain name:

  1. Direct it to the company that you work for, particularly to a page within the site where you are mentioned.
  2. Use it for a personal web site where you can capture your own personal portfolio that supports your resume, work experience, educational achievements and awards, etc.

In most cases, LinkedIn has become a resume online that had easy access. It can still be a good link for your resume online. Yet, it does not allow as much flexibility as your website.

Here are some good things to consider on your personal website:

  • Current professional photo
  • Links to your current company and trade associations that you are a member of
  • Links to community organizations where you serve on boards or volunteer
  • Photos of you with important people, receiving awards, special accomplishments
  • Content pieces written by you about your work or community involvement, especially if you’ve received awards
  • Links to the colleges you attended and mention of degrees, also if you’re a member of the Alumni Association(s)
  • Links to your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Create an section like “News” or another headline if you have timely things to mention

While there are more things to fine-tune your personal website, just consider it that it is for you as a business online.

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