The Two Sides to Social Media

When management teams mention social media, they seem to focus on the aspect that it is a free way to get their brand message out, but it is very tricky in terms of how bold consumers can be on any Facebook page or Twitter feed. There has been more emphasis on either monitoring social media for customer service issues or to post their community involvement pictures.

However, there is another side to the use of social media. Take for example, Facebook ads. They may be annoying if the message is not targeted. However, there is an opportunity in being able to put a brand message out in these ways:

  • Ad in the right hand column targeting people through demographics
  • Ad in the News Feed that aligns with other brands interests, or people that the person follows
  • Special content such as videos and e-books that offer something of value for interrupting the person’s reading of posts from friends or family

While I find management teams may feel fine with a Facebook page, they are wary of opening up the organization to critical comments and issues that can spread.  Yet, there is an opportunity for capturing more eyeballs with good marketing messages.

We are launching a new program for clients that uses social media with a blend of social media ads, online ads and content concepts. The goal is to start testing the ability to really gain a Marketing ROI from using social media and online advertising.

Interested in getting into the online space in a way that gives you confidence in tracking your results? Contact us at LemmonTree today!

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