For Eyeballs – Use Demographics, Consumer Habits and Targeted Messages

In choosing marketing channels for your brand message, there are so many differing opinions. From TV advertising to online ads to social media, it comes down to how can you get the right sets of eyeballs to see your marketing message.

Here are three questions that help me to narrow down where to purchase media or place ads:

  1. Who is my best prospect in terms of age, income, geographic proximity, and gender?
  2. What are their lifestyle habits in terms of work, play and family?
  3. Where will the marketing message appear and be welcomed rather than considered an intrusion?

Here is an example of what comes from using these questions:

For a Certificate Special Offer – The target is over age 45 with household income over $75,000, with some geographic proximity for trusting that the brand/financial institution is really legit.  I don’t care about gender. The lifestyle of an older investor will likely include older children and settled work habits with an eye on gaining the best rate on retirement funds or, if already retired, fixed income assets. Being more mature, there is a likelihood of still reading a newspaper on Sundays and watching TV in the evenings. They are online as well, researching their next purchases and checking the news. So, my media buy may include an ad in the money section in the Sunday paper, an online ad using the demographics of the age of 45+ and geographic area of 25 miles from a branch, and in a TV ad across the History Channel, Discovery, Fox News, and a few other channels that capture more 45+ eyeballs!

What did we do?  The online ads, the TV ads and an email broadcast to the subscribers of the local newspaper. Now, a good certificate rate will sell. The online ads and email broadcast brought in 2,000 clicks to the special landing page that was set up to capture metrics with Google Analytics. The certificate deposits hit the $10 million goal in a little over 6 weeks and was then ended. The deposits came from people ages 40+…so now I also know to drop my age a bit for investment offers.

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