Rethink Positioning Yourself

Can you point at one thing, one idea that will improve your relationships, help open up new opportunities and move you closer to your goals and dreams?  Consider these questions when you are in meetings, conversations or in your personal life:

  • Are you always the first to breaks a silence that happens in conversation?
  • Do you find yourself compelled to interrupt or accidentally talk over someone who is talking because you have something important to contribute?
  • Do you have a “story” that trumps the one just told by someone else?
  • When you are talking with someone, or in a meeting, do you answer or at least glance at your mobile phone because it might be something really important?

While these are just a few to consider, the questions relate to one thing – how well are you listening, really listening, to the people around you?

In the fine art of communication, the one thing that will help you prosper the most is to be an active listener. Put your ego in the back seat! Focus on what you hear from others, about new projects, new discoveries, new personal stories, and new ideas.

Become the person everyone talks about that is “such a good listener.”  It will separate you from those who have to be noticed, have to be in the center of attention and sap the energy from the room.

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