Dealing with Changes in Consumers in Your Marketing Plan

There is an old marketing adage known as the Rule of 7 that has been mentioned in marketing texts about the times it takes for a consumer to recognize and remember your marketing or advertising message. I have always dubbed it the “Magic of 7,” and it has served to keep the consumer top of mind when creating marketing promotions. Consider that there is a lot of noise, crowded media channels as well as different viewing and listening habits that make it hard to get the consumer’s attention.

When you are developing promotions or marketing communications, consider these methods to get your message “heard!”

  • Tell your product’s story using the website, branches/locations, and your staff. Provide your customers/members and prospects the detail they’re seeking when they jump on the Internet to explore their next purchase or discover what your products/services have to offer.
  • Stay in touch to remind your existing customers/members of your brand’s value. Using direct mail, e-mail marketing, and social media, these channels are those that they have provided their information as satisfied customers/members.  .
  • To acquire new customers, reach out with media advertising, online advertising, public relations events, and retail displays.  It is key to encourage consumers to explore your brand and it products/services.   

Marketing continues to be the investment that must be ongoing and multi-faceted to keep the flywheel of leads to gain more sales, more relationships and reach your corporate goals.

Interested in building a marketing flywheel that works well within this stressed economy, contact us at LemmonTree.

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