Dealing with Changes in Consumers – A Mobile Strategy

According to a study by as noted in NetBankerByEmail, over 27% of mobile phone users have accessed financial services content in the last month.  That is the rising indicator of a switch by consumers that is forcing change in how to reach them with marketing messages and content. 

To help set up a mobile strategy, here are some questions to consider:

  • How easy is it to use our website on a smartphone?  
  • If we use mobile ads on our mobile app or mobile site, what tracking can we do to see if people actually link through to additional information?
  • What part of the marketing budget should I be making in mobile and social media?

If you have the ability to use and track mobile ads, consider these two key tips:

Keep your campaigns simple. Check designs and content on smartphones, iPhones and tablets used by your office staff for readability and ease of clicking through for more information.

Focus on a goal to achieve with each piece of mobile marketing.  Make sure to have the clear call to action from the ad such as Apply Now that links to an easily viewed application.  

If you want assistance, consider a review of your mobile strategy and website for its ease of use, contact us at LemmonTree.

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