Reinventing Your Personal Brand

At a party this weekend, a friend was showing me photos on her tablet taken by her niece who “used to be a photojournalist” and now photographs weddings. The friend explained that the newspaper she worked for laid her off with the decline in readership and subsequent revenue.

This was poignant on several levels. First, the friend used a tablet to show me the photos which is a new communication tool. Second, the loss of a newspaper job due to the digital explosion meant the photojournalist had to reinvent to another line of work.

Here are the questions to use in reinventing yourself:

What online resources are you using to show your work, talent, skills and education? While you may not be a photographer, get pieces of your work digital to allow people to see what you can do from their tablet or computer.

What ways can you use your talents and skills? Consider what you can use as the foundation of your brand to reinvent yourself, such as a writer, a project manager, or designer. Maybe you have an expertise in an industry that can be applied to another similar industry.

What books have you read or listened to, maybe blogs you’ve followed, consistently? This is a time of paradigm shifts and quickly moving technology which requires staying up on trends and new ideas.


Just remember, “Your brand needs an audience!” from Dan Schwabel in Me 2.0, “Regardless of how incredible your brand is, if you fail to promote it and link it to the right audience, it has little chance of succeeding.”

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