Making Strategy Decisions for “E”

With the huge use of digital tools by consumers, from shopping to e-books, as well as the proliferation of new marketing channels from social media to online advertising, marketers have been inundated with pressure to switch their marketing strategy.

How is it possible to make the right choice on these channels to reach consumers? Many people jumped online, disregarding any return on investment to be early to try new things, especially trying social media networks.

“Social networks are not the new marketing saviors. Rather, they are simply the latest version of “over the fence” neighbors chatting. Carefully choose whether or not to participate, and do so with the expectation that the return on investment may be low. Can social networks be used to create buzz? Absolutely, but it’s a double-edged sword-while social networks may create a buzz, there is no proof they can create sales or even a brand.” Timothy R. Pearson, The Old Rules of Marketing Are Dead.

Here are some key questions to use in making the best choices for marketing strategy both online:

    What do consumers in your target market(s) visit online? This includes social networks and common shopping sites.

    Is your website actively used for accessing your products/services? Are you using analytics to determine where they go on your site?

    What staff and/or contractors are dedicated to social media and website design/maintenance? This includes budget allocated to design, writing, programming, and monitoring.

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