Reinvent the Brand

In the news, you might have noticed the news about how tablet sales surpassed PC sales in 2011 and they are rivaling laptop sales. The tablet has been a very quick technology change that has also changed consumer habits. When new technology, like a new tool, changes the game so dramatically and quickly, it is hard for marketers to make shifts in strategies to take advantage of the changes.

For your brand, the marketing strategy to support it has to take into account if the core essence of what your brand offers is still relevant and if you can still reach the target market with your current tools. Basically, there may be a need to reinvent the brand.


“Reinvention begins with reinventing the relationship with the customer that results in an all-encompassing brand experience that drives customer loyalty and, more important, repeat sales for a very long time.” Timothy R. Pearson, The Old Rules of Marketing are Dead. Here is his list of questions to review for determining a shift in strategy to meet the changing marketing environment:

    Target: Who do you want to use your brand?
    Competitive framework: Where do you want your brand to compete?
    Key benefit: What does your brand stand for?
    Support: Why should users believe your key benefit?

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