Getting Energy Behind Goals

If you have goals that you’re having trouble achieving, you might need to shift your discussion of them in your mind.  Because every action is preceded by a thought, it is important to consider if you are actually pouring cold water on your hot goals and getting lukewarm results!

Recently, in listening to the audio book, 100 Ways to Create Wealth by Steve Chandler and Sam Beckford, a suggestion they have is to change “I need” to “I want.” Their concept is that by saying “I need…,” you are focusing on lacking something and having scarcity. While saying in your mind, “I want..,” you focus attention on the positive desire.


Can you imagine the energy that gets behind your goal when you say, “I want to….” rather than the drain of “I need to…”?  Try it with your approach to your next set of goals to see if the energy lifts when you say that you “want” to achieve something new!

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