Organizing Your Online Social Media Presence

The impact of social media on the marketing landscape has created a time management crunch. Already pressured with managing marketing projects and then add in social media initiatives. Because social media requires content and engaging conversational copy, it takes time. Especially, it takes time, creativity, and rewriting to gain an end result of engaging content.

To be able to keep up, here are some tools that help:
• Use a social media management platform to schedule tweets and posts for a week or more ahead. My favorite is HootSuite, and there are also others like Tweet Deck and Seesmic
• Create content that can be repurposed from a short snippet for Twitter to an article excerpt uploaded on Facebook to the full article on a blog or website page
• Choose an organizing theme across several months or the year and calendar of topics for at least six months to tie in with promotions, special events, and/or customer target groups
• Plan time each week to develop the content or to direct a staff member and review their content generation

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