Change in Market Competition

When Almost Famous: How to Market Yourself for Success was published in 1996, it was popular with my generation, Boomers. Interestingly, after listening to Ken Gronbach author of “The Age Curve” talk about the upcoming competition for jobs by Gen Y, it hit me between the eyes. Gen X didn’t need my book because for every 10 Boomers moving up in an organization, there were only 8 Gen X-ers to take the jobs. They got signing bonuses and elevated salaries to attract them after college. When I graduated, there were tons of graduates competing for every job.

In his discussion, Ken said that Gen Y will find the job market tough and not find opportunities, so what will they do? Start small businesses.

This has made me rethink the new edition of Almost Famous 2.0. I am adding sections for Boomers who are reinventing themselves and Gen Y-ers who are finding stiff competition for jobs.

What is the key thing that you, as a personal brand, must do? Every generation needs to change with the times and keep their Success Network informed:

  • Boomers – Create or update your bio through storytelling about what you know, how to apply it and where you feel the company is headed rather than a straight resume. Show you have the savvy and experience to figure out how to embrace new things like social media, online business and speak “cyber.” More importantly, show how you can work with several generations in the workplace.
  • Gen X – Make sure to prime your Success Network to keep you top of mind for opportunities. Because there are young adults coming up behind you who are anxious to make their mark, watch your back.

Gen Y – Get your marketing and self promotion set up to separate you from the pack. And, there will be a huge pack of young adults who will have college degrees, internships under their belts and lots of connections. Being prepared with a solid plan like outlined in Almost Famous 2.0 will help give you the edge by getting your brand in front of more prospective employers.

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