Change in Online Communication

In today’s high-tech world, most people are constantly connected to a device whether a smartphone, cell phone, computer, laptop, or tablet. People are posting photos within seconds, responding to texts or emails, and Google-ing for answers to questions or finding a local restaurant – constant activity.

So, to communicate with customers/members/prospects, marketers are in a constant flurry of activity trying to figure out what mediums still work. Thinking of marketing as having a conversation with someone to give him/her the information that will hopefully incite a purchase, the flow has changed.

What are some tips about communicating with the best opportunity of success?

  • “If it isn’t about what I liked about the brand/company/product/service, then don’t bother.” Make sure the email/post/tweet or other communication is focused on why the person gave you an email or “liked” you on Facebook at the start.
  • “Am I missing something?” Utilize the heightened “FOMO,” Fear of Missing Out, by having special messages and events only communicated through online media.

“Respect my time.” Be careful not to post too much or too many lame items that become irritating rather than interesting or you will get turned off (unliked on FB or unfollowed on Twitter or unsubscribed on email)!

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