Shift Your Attention to Results

Shift Your Attention to Results

The key in this crazy market of a down economy, businesses going bankrupt, high unemployment and bad news all around, is to stay focused on getting results.

There are many excuses in marketing to get off track:
• Too little staff
• Not enough budget
• Need more time

If your focus is on staying with your marketing plan that was crafted last year to achieve corporate goals, then you have the structure to track results for better decision-making. Unfortunately, many marketing professionals are bombarded with comments to consider the newest social media networks, out-of-left field ideas from non-marketing management team members, and slow decision-making by CFOs or CEOs on competitive issues. And, these distractions cause a watering-down of the attention on the marketing plan that was meant to drive results.

From author Timothy Pearson in his book, The Old Rules of Marketing Are Dead: 6 New Rules: “One of the biggest misperceptions about marketing is that the funds assigned to marketing go into a ‘black hole.’ With frameworks, marketers not only prove this is a misconception but can provide an accurate view of what channels work and what don’t for the targeted audiences.”


What framework is best? Vision/Mission, Corporate Goals, Marketing Opportunity Analysis, Marketing Strategies, Promotional Calendar, and Budget. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does have to connect the dots of how marketing will support the achievement of the corporate goals. As Pearson also comments, “Today, at its core, marketing is different than it was in the late twentieth century. What is the essence of marketing today—driving profitable sales, increasing revenues, and creating consumer preference and customer loyalty in a digitally driven and progressively more global marketplace.

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