4 Key Things about Marketing Yourself


  1. Your Personal Strategic Plan. Do you have a plan framed out for achieving your vision of success? For your working life, your love life, and your creative life, do you have goals? You should have a plan for one reason, to make sure you focus on You, Inc., not be buffeted by the winds of change or other people’s ideas of what you should do!
  2. Your Personal Marketing Plan. Marketers often know how to market companies, but often do not consider planning for their own business, You, Inc.
  3. Your digital persona. When was the last time you did a Google search on your name? From articles you may have written, photos to your LinkedIn profile, it is critical to know what comes up. It may be the first place someone will research information about you. This exercise enables you to focus on how you are using your LinkedIn page, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat to further your brand image of You, Inc.
  4. Your Success Network. Who are you networking with, staying connected to, or interested in meeting? Most of your opportunities will come from people who recommend you or suggest an opportunity to you. If you have not created a formal Success Network, start now.  Start with LinkedIn, your friends, coworkers and those you come into contact with at work, like vendors and clients.

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