Marketing with an Eye on the Prize

Business Charts & GraphsWhile not glamorous, project management is a key factor in keeping your focus on credit union goals. Everyone is prone to dealing with the crisis situation when it happens and putting other work aside temporarily. However, if time is not programmed for regular tasks and projects, everything becomes a crisis!

Set tracking for easy updating – Be prepared for reporting results on demand. Using a marketing dashboard is a key tool. Also, a budgeting worksheet helps keep tabs on expenditures. These tools enable you to create recaps and updates for senior management on all marketing activities.

Be a problem-solver. Get all the facts first and ask plenty of questions to gain the data necessary to develop solutions. A great way to organize is using a Marketing Activity Checklist that covers everything from the purpose and the target market to the marketing tools, timeline and goals for the promotion or activity

Be a team player – If you’re open, honest and cooperative to engage the entire team in moving forward towards the annual goals, it’s a win-win. Everyone wants a co-worker that is not defensive or overly protective of their work. It’s the key to clear communication in being a part of the “team.”

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