Eye on the Success Factors

Running business guyWhat is your vision of success? Do you have a dream or goal that is just out of reach?

Since you are the business of “You, Inc.,” it is just as important to have a plan and goals to achieve them. Funny thing is, many people tend to set a few goals for the year each January with the good intentions of achieving them. However, within a few weeks or months, they disappear in the mound of work projects and things on the “To Do” list.

Here are some ideas for you to consider to refocus and keep your own goals in sight:

  1. Create a strategic plan with a dream/vision of what you really want to achieve in the next 3-5 years. This is the bigger driving force for achieving success.
  2. Set three personal goals that support your vision that you believe you could complete within the year. These become your Success Factors because achieving them will move you closer to your longer term dream/vision.
  3. Create 3 steps for each of the 3 goals that you can do this year and give these dates for completion. With 9 steps across the year, this helps to develop the path that is not so overwhelming and will help you keep your focus.

Start today and keep your eye on the Success Factors to make this an amazing year!

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