Ready to Talk about Brand “You”?

8375480So often, marketers are not as good about marketing themselves as they are for their organization. Yet, building your own personal brand is key to more opportunities and better career moves, even within your current organization.

Here are three things that are the building blocks to your personal brand:

  1. Your Competitive Advantage – why should someone hire you, promote you, want you on their team or to be a friend? Is it experience, expertise, knowledge, or education that makes you more valuable?
  2. Self-Education – what course or webinar or program have you done in the last 6 months to improve your skillset? What books have you read in the last year to add to your knowledge and ideas for your current work? What articles have you read or author blogs do you follow to keep up on your industry?
  3. Your Story – how do you describe yourself when meeting someone who asks what you do? What short narrative do you provide about your current work, your competitive advantage, and your expertise?

You have heard the adage, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression?” So, when you ask someone what they do, start noticing the way you react to what they tell you. Tailor your own story to provide the positive spark of interest that will have the person remember you well after your meeting.

For example, you could answer, “I am in marketing at XYZ Credit Union.” Or, you could say, “I am in charge of the marketing and business development success at XYZ Credit Union, a $250 million in Asset financial institution. And my interest is to always be on top of new industry developments. I’m excited to currently be shifting our efforts more into the digital space to make sure we capture the younger generation.”

If you are wanting to pursue a dream job or shift in your career, your brand story is incredibly valuable. Maybe you are happy as a pig in mud with your current job and not looking to be change, yet you still may have something in volunteering or in the community that you would love to do.

Consider that your brand story is a great way to give people in your Success Network– that key group of former employers, coworkers, friends, family, professors and mentors– the ability to connect you with new opportunities.

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