Let’s Get Personal

When was the last time you were able to take the time to step away and plan for your career or develop personal goals or dreams about what’s next for you?  We’re all so busy that often our own personal marketing falls to happenstance.

Here are 3 hacks to help you sharpen your focus and improve efficiency in your personal marketing to capture those amazing opportunities that you dream about!

  1. Simple Personal Marketing Plan – There are 3 quick things to put into place – First, Google yourself every six months to make sure you know what comes up in search engines about you. Second, update your resume and upload it on major recruiting sites. Third, create a schedule for staying in touch.  Use a personal note, an email or make a phone call to someone in your Success Network each month to ask about their new changes and to share where your career has taken you so far.
  2. Self-Promotion in Your Pocket – Always be ready to clearly state your competitive edge, the advantage you bring to the table at work and in your personal life, in 30 seconds. Bold and brave individuals step into the role of promoting themselves like a business.  This isn’t about bragging or being annoying but simply being clear about the place you fit in their mind to help them remember you for future opportunities.
  3. Daily Reminder on Your Calendar – Things will not get done for your career unless you put some focus on it.  A great tool is to have a “Moment of Reflection” to look at every morning with 3 words that are triggers for goals for the year.

Want to know more about setting yourself up for success?  Consider my downloadable workbook, Almost Famous: How to Market Yourself for Success full of ways to help you jumpstart your career goals and focus on building the career of your dreams. It’s over 100 pages of tool, tips and worksheets available for download on our website for $9.95!   

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