A Great Time to Consider the Possibilities

sunglassesTaking a vacation?  Here is something to do while sitting on the beach or relaxing by the pool. This isn’t about “working” or “being serious about your future.”  The idea is to ruminate, dream, and imagine while you’re relaxing using these questions:

What is my guiding light in my life?

  • Is it being successful in terms of money, fame, achievements?
  • Is it the success of being surrounded by family and friends who love me?
  • Is it traveling, buying a new home, or shifting into a new career?

What is exciting to me that I could do in my future?

  • For work?
  • Where I may live?
  • In community involvement?
  • With new hobbies?

Getting in touch with what really motivates you, the guiding light, will help you uncover some things about yourself, about your path, and about what you want to do next. You might want to write down all the ideas that flow from this simple thoughtful exercise.

AF-2.0-CoverFunny how grabbing a few moments of relaxation away from the normal duties of work, 
home and family can open up your creative muscle.

Once you get an idea, send an email, postcard or short note to your Success Network to let them know what the future holds for you. They are the ones who will help you achieve your goals and dreams.

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