Isn’t an Out-of-Office Message Out-Dated?

sleep with cellphone chartIn the age of the smartphone, we all get email and Facebook posts and texts all the time. So, thinking that people on vacation don’t check email is like saying that people don’t keep their phones by their bed. Okay, 57% do, but the statistics show that more and more of all generations are addicted to their phones.

For your marketing, the concept is to provide a relevant, interesting connection to the customer/member’s summer dreams, finding affordable solutions for vacations, and giving them the sense of achieving more during their summer days.  Isn’t that what you want?

Here are some “stories” you can tell to capture the attention with your marketing content:

  • Ways to make your vacation budget go farther
  • Finding the lowest cost travel
  • How to take the best selfie on vacation
  • How to pack a carry-on for 10 days

Then, what additional solutions can you offer as that trusted partner for their financial needs, while at the same time giving them summer fun ideas?  It’s a great halo effect for your brand.

For content that is tailored for your organization and not just pulled off a generic service, let us know!  If you think there is value in standing out with every touch, contact us at LemmonTree!  The best thing we do is to protect your brand with the best content for your marketing success!

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