Love the Snackable Content

ING_19072_00902As you try to juggle lots of different marketing projects, it is easy to lose sight of how you can repurpose content to make your life easier!  Think about it as not creating more content to fit different channels, think about creating really good content that is optimized across all your channels.

Most importantly, it’s about a Win/Win – helping your customers/members to move into the relationship with your organization by understanding how you can help through consistent content “bites!”

Here are some great tips that you’ll “love!”

Line up your channels to see where you distribute your content, like on your website, in social media, in the lobby, on a blog, in on-boarding materials, in promotions and from third-party partners.

  1. Create a list of topics of content you need to help the customer/member make a decision from a brochure on how something works to a web page to a tweet to a blog post to a Facebook post to TV ads and online ads.
  2. Align all the channels so you can use one really good piece of content that discusses how you can solve their problem/need! The key is to start with this being a well written piece that hits the key points.
  3. Determine how it can be broken down to become smaller “snackable” pieces of content that is used across your channels to engage,  inform and lead them back to the solution – your product/service. It’s like telling the story of how you can help the person manage their lives better. Using your starter content about the product/service, look for the shorter version for a blog post that hits on a special aspect of how the product/service save time, money or worry. Maybe there is a tip for a tweet, a line in an ad that leads to the landing page on your website for more details!

Repurposing helps you keep your marketing messages consistent, more interesting and aligned with your goals of bringing the customer/member to a deeper relationship with your organization.

Need good content and a content strategy to help move your brand message from web to mobile to tablet through social media and back again?  Contact us at LemmonTree we can create affordable, efficient and measurable content for your marketing success!

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